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Cutting Edge Physical Therapy Technology at Nazareth College

Cutting Edge Physical Therapy Technology at Nazareth College

As someone going into health care, the ever-changing and always controversial topic is where does technology fit into the greater aspect of therapy and treating patients? Well I am here to tell you that at Nazareth you will quickly learn that technology can be a huge benefit to both you and your patients that you are working with.

Safe Gait 2015

Learning how to use Safe Gait for the first time

Gorbel medical is the company, Safe Gait is the device, and it is Nazareth College who has the only permanent installation in the nation right now…wait hold up, back up, what is going on at Nazareth you ask…and why our small school with such big technology? Well the next few paragraphs will try to answer all the burning questions you now have!

So let’s start with what in the world is Safe Gait? Well in my own terminology and from what I learned in training, it is a device that allows a person to work on functional activities such as gait training, balance, and mobility all while in the safety of a harness so they can push the limits and be safe doing so.  Check out the Safe Gait web site (p.s all the pictures on the website are taken in our clinic with our clinical instructors that work at Nazareth)

Second, let’s take a moment to clarify Gorbel Medical as well. They are a local Rochester based company that has produced and designed this system; they make all sorts of lifts that are used in a variety of settings beyond just medical.

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Safe Gait sends all its information to android operating systems and can track what is happening so the therapist can use the information later in their planning sessions

Thirdly, this product was just released at the combined sections meeting this January. This is a meeting of over 10,000 practicing physical therapists in the nation where speakers, researchers, companies, and PT’s all come together over a five day period to share research, ideas, and technology that is going to and has started to influence practice.

Lastly, and what I think is the best is, WE HAVE THIS ONE OF A KIND TECHNOLOGY AT NAZARETH TO USE WITH OUR PATIENTS! If you can’t tell I am just a little excited. We have the opportunity as students to use this piece of equipment that most PT’s out in the field have no idea even exists. It is the only one in the nation right now and we have it! So take a moment and listen to Mark; he is a patient at our clinic that has an amazing story and you will get a glimpse into why you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but Nazareth for your PT education.

Naz is an awesome school for physical therapy. Read more about our pro-bono on-campus clinics, what clinicals are like, and what life is like as a grad student.




My name is Karisa; I am a 5th year DPT student who is involved in Physical Therapy Club, a Nazareth College Swimming and Diving Alumni, and member of the admissions team here at Nazareth. I love being outdoors, am an avid fitness advocate (I will do anything that keeps me moving), and I keep a rather extensive garden at my house in Rochester. I love to experiment with new recipes/food. Scrap-booking/card making is my hobby. My favorite..... color is blue, season is fall, and sports icon is still Mia Hamm! On campus you can catch me somewhere between the WRI and the Library! I am excited to share my passion about the PT program, fitness, and cooking with all of you!!