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Why Nazareth College? Jenn Lachell’s Story

Why Nazareth College? Jenn Lachell’s Story

Hey guys, my name is Jenn and I’m a senior marketing major at Nazareth. So why Nazareth? The answers are endless to say the least. I’ll be honest, I didn’t start looking at colleges until my senior year of high school, around October/November. I just remember sitting online on one of those websites where I was checking off my preferences of what I wanted in a college and Nazareth came up. I’d never heard of it before but it had a really nice ring to it, so I said, “Hey, why not go check it out.” So my parents and I went within the next couple of weeks and I absolutely fell in love with the campus. It was one of those feelings where your gut just tells you it’s the right place and you’re not even there for like two seconds. It honestly felt really amazing to step on campus and be like, “This is where I want to stay for the next four years,” even though I didn’t really know much about the college. I knew I wanted to come here and I wanted to put my down payment down but my mom wouldn’t let me until I attended Experience Naz Day, which is an opportunity for all accepted students to go to campus and stay over night with a host and then attend classes the next day. So I did that; I came to campus and I had an amazing student ambassador who hosted me overnight. She was absolutely amazing, she introduced me to some of her friends and when I came to campus that following year, in August, I actually became really good friends with them and have been friends with them ever since. So going back to the theme, why Nazareth? Once I went to Experience Naz Day, I felt extremely comfortable and confident, like I said, and I was really excited to come to Nazareth. After those two days or so, I knew I was ready to be a Golden Flyer and I knew I was ready to spend the next four years here at Nazareth and enjoy it all. So, reach out to any of us with questions. Thank you!

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Hi! My name is Jenn and I am a senior Marketing major with a minor in Information Technology! When I’m not busy serving as President of the Undergraduate Association (Naz’s student government), I enjoy hanging out with friends, golfing, working out, and finding something to fill up my spare time. As I reminisce about the past few years, I hope to share all of the great memories that have shaped my experience at Naz and have prepared me for a wonderful life after Naz!