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Why Nazareth College? Nicole Andolina’s Story

Why Nazareth College? Nicole Andolina’s Story

Hi! My name Nicole; I’m a Senior Political Science and Legal Studies Major with a Communications and Media minor here at Nazareth.

I chose to attend Nazareth for a variety of reasons. First was my initial tour of campus; I ended up doing a lot of other college tours but I had such a great time my first experience at Nazareth that I decided to return back.

Something kind of funny and a big reason why I chose to come here was because of my tour guide. We had a lot in common, just little coincidences, from we both had lived in New York, moved to Michigan, and moved back to New York during our high school years to we were interested in the same subject areas. So I was able to ask her a lot about my program and how she felt it was preparing her for the future. Something really beneficial about that experience was that she became like a mentor to me; I maintained contact with her and I actually still keep in contact with her to this very day. That was just something super great that came out of it. She now has a career in Washington D.C., which is a dream of mine, so its been great to have her as that professional contact as I have been here.

That initial feeling of that tour of having a friend my first time on campus, of having someone being able to answer my questions, feeling welcome, and a sense of community is why really I chose Nazareth and why  I have enjoyed it so much my four years.

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Hi my name is Nicole! I am a Senior Political Science and Legal Studies Major with a Communications Minor from Syracuse, NY. In addition to participating in clubs and holding various leadership positions on campus, I enjoy reading, live music, and travel. As I chronicle my senior year, I hope to share as much as I can about the wonderful happenings at Nazareth College. From academics- to activities in Rochester I have a lot to say! Here's to a great year. Feel free to contact me about any questions you have about NAZ!