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6 Perks of Attending a Small College

6 Perks of Attending a Small College

When I was visiting colleges in high school, I had no idea if I wanted to be at a large school or a small school. I didn’t know many people who went to small colleges, so I didn’t know much about what going to a small college would be like. What are the benefits of going to a small school? Would I be able to network as I become closer to college graduation? I almost laugh at myself now about how stressed I was. Looking back, I wish I could tell myself all of the amazing benefits of attending a small college like Nazareth.

1) There’s no overwhelming feeling of being lost on campus. After I first moved on to campus at Nazareth, it took me no longer than a week to become adjusted to the campus and find where everything is. Although our campus may not seem small, getting around from building to building is really straightforward. When I was a freshman, it was nice to feel comfortable getting around the campus so soon!


2) Walking from the dorms to class? Should only take 5-7 minutes. Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? Maybe you often hit the snooze button? That’s no problem at a small school like Nazareth. Almost all of the academic buildings are around a 5-7 minute walk from your dorm! This is a blessing if you have to wake up early for an 8am class. You can roll out of bed fifteen minutes before class in sweatpants and a hoodie, brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee, and make it to class with five minutes to spare. Even more of a bonus? Our tunnels mean that if it’s raining or snowing you can stay warm and dry.

IMG_51893) Your professors KNOW you and care about your success. Personally, my favorite aspect of attending a small school like Nazareth is the relationships I have built with my professors. All of my professors know who I am and care about my success at Nazareth. I can’t thank the music department enough for all their help over the past four years. My professors have always been very supportive of my being a student athlete as well. My music education professor, Dr. Koster, even came to watch a few of my tennis matches on campus! Being a music major and a student athlete isn’t easy but the professors at Nazareth have supported me in both endeavors and supported me in every way they can.

manski (green shirt), and Jessica L. Reeves (white sweater) working on 3D microscope with Matt Temple for Jackson Instutute magazine


4) It’s that much easier to get help from your professor/other classmates. The average class size at Nazareth is around seventeen students and the faculty to student ratio is 11:1; that means each professor, on average, only advises eleven students at a time. This means that our professors are more accessible and easy to get in contact with. Whether it’s dropping into their office to ask a question or getting a fast reply on email, it’s nice knowing that our professors are always there for us. It’s also nice to be in a small class because you get to know your classmates better! I’ve never had a hard time making a study group or doing work with other classmates.


5) You have the ability to make connections with a diverse group of people. At a small school like Nazareth, it is really easy to get to know and make connections with many people from different circle. Our college is seen as a family, and any student on campus will tell you that they feel like they know majority of the other students on campus. At a small school, you see many similar faces frequently, so it’s easier to make friends with people. Because Nazareth is so small, students are encouraged to get involved with everything and anything they want to on campus whether that’s another major, an added minor, a club, a campus job, or a sports team like how I’m a music major and a member of the tennis team and one of our other bloggers, Meg, is a physical therapy major and plays oboe in our campus orchestra.

Since we are a tight knit college, it’s also easy to network, a huge perk since I’m a senior and I’ll be looking for a job soon! I have already met many administrators and teachers in the Rochester area thanks to my professors and supervisors at Nazareth.


6) You’re not just a “number”; you’re a student who matters! If you’re a student at Nazareth, you’re voice matters. We are a loving, inclusive community that supports every student’s unique skills, interests and talents. You will be recognized for your accomplishments in the classroom, on the field/court, and wherever life takes you after Naz.

battle of the beaks

Be a part of the family and choose Naz!

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