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Nazareth Employee Series: Mark Weber

Nazareth Employee Series: Mark Weber

One of the more engaging and energetic professors I have had at Nazareth, Mr. Mark Weber is a person students can look forward to learning from. A clinical assistant professor of marketing, Weber also serves as Nazareth’s director of the Masters of Science in integrated marketing communications program, as well as the director of the undergraduate international business program. Labeled a clinical professor due to his business background in which he worked for 32 years in marketing, Weber has been at Nazareth since January 2010.  He started as part-time staff before becoming full-time in 2013, and he hasn’t looked back.

Prior to teaching, Weber worked as the VP of marketing for two prominent companies, Eastman Kodak and the German company Heidelburg. He described the two jobs as being very different but equally rewarding, and how the different responsibilities have made him versatile. Throughout his business career he made over 100 international trips gaining experience and knowledge which make him all the more valuable to Nazareth. I’ve taken a class with Mr. Weber and I can say first hand his background makes for lessons which some professors may not be able to offer.

All of Nazareth’s professors are extremely helpful, but Mr. Weber’s class was probably one of my favorites. Class discussions in which personal anecdotes and experiences are used as a teaching tool are memorable. The $200 textbooks we all buy are useful, but most of us are able to learn much more from someone with personal experience, someone like Mr. Weber who makes class discussions engaging and enjoyable.

Perhaps what I find most prized about Weber is the connection he makes with students. I asked him what his favorite part about teaching is, “Dealing with the students and getting to know them, I love the classroom, we have a lot of fun” he said. “I also love the advising because you get to know the students and help them along. I think teaching is far better than anything I have done.” Weber’s been in major leadership positions in two prominent companies, but his love for teaching is apparent in his classroom. Some might even say they view him as not only a professor, but as a friend too.

Weber’s not alone in terms of having great camaraderie with his students. Nazareth’s staff does a phenomenal job in connecting with its students. I asked Weber what he believes we do best in order to prepare students. “What Nazareth does best is experiential learning. We require each student to get involved” he said. Students are not only recommended to get involved on campus, but also required to be involved off campus. “For example, we have the best internship program here, not just by our own thoughts, but everybody in town believes Naz has the best internship programs.” I’ve had two internships during my Nazareth career, both for academic credit, and the program here made it both a professional and academic program. It may sound annoying to think about having to take a class about an internship or do homework about it, but it will force you to learn, force you to take the most out of your experience as possible, make it as fulfilling as possible.

Nazareth is littered with professors with interesting backgrounds, and they are each able to use those backgrounds to benefit their students. It’s rare for students to have the ability to learn from someone with true familiarity in what they are preaching. Textbooks can be great tools, but working with a professor who has actually been in the position can make a huge difference. Just like the majority of its students, Weber’s favorite part about Nazareth is the tight knit community. He loves getting to know his students, and he’s a person I believe students will enjoy getting to know as well.

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