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The Bermuda Triangle of College Life: A Social Life, Sleep, or Good Grades?

The Bermuda Triangle of College Life: A Social Life, Sleep, or Good Grades?

Have you ever seen those graphs and tweets that say “pick two” and they have sleep, a social life, and good grades as the options? Some days, that seems to feel like a reality for most college students, especially as a new freshman. Fall semester can be overwhelming as you try to find your routine and balance your life, but here’s a few tips on how to avoid getting sucked into the Bermuda Triangle that is a college student’s life.


Get involved, but in moderation. Joining clubs like Naz Ultimate or the Quidditch Club to stay active and make friends or volunteering in the community at Lollypop Farm (for some puppy love) or Saint’s Place are great ways to relieve stress and take a break from schoolwork. Just make sure you aren’t taking on too much and stressing yourself out!

Plan time to do your homework. With college classes comes what seems like mountains of homework sometimes, but spending an hour or two during the day at your desk or in the library with your friends can ease some of the stress you feel about your homework and can also be a good way to spend time with your buds.

Spend time with your friends! This may be one of the most important parts of your college experience. While you’re at school, your friends become your second family as well as your support system. Getting ice cream at Pittsford Farms Dairy, having dinner at Blu Wolf Bistro in the city, and even working out together are all important things to mix into your daily routine and help you bond with your friends.

Remember to call home. A phone call with mom can soothe your nerves and remind you you’ll always have your own personal cheerleader waiting to give you a boost.

Eat healthy, but don’t forget about chocolate 😊. Eating well-balanced meals is important, but so is treating yourself! Chocolate is good for the soul (unless you’re allergic).


Go to sleep! If you have an 8am, don’t stay up until 1:00am watching Netflix because you will regret it in the morning (yes I might be speaking from personal experience). Getting enough sleep is vital to being a happy college student. If you aren’t awake during class you won’t learn, and your work won’t reflect your true book smarts. Basically, sleep is incredibly important!


All in all, it is very possible to balance your social life, grades, and sleep if you find a good way to manage your time and have support from friends and family. College requires hard work but it’s not as scary as your high school teachers made it seem.