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My Experience Visiting Nazareth (And Why You Should Visit, Too!)

My Experience Visiting Nazareth (And Why You Should Visit, Too!)

College visits can range from an exciting experience to one where you can’t stop thinking, “Is this over yet?” I loved visiting schools but hated having to sit through the long speeches targeted for parents/guardians. I just wanted to get a feel of the campus and see what it was like, then leave with an answer to the question, “Could I picture myself being here?” When I visited Nazareth College, I was hoping the experience was going to be different and worth remembering, and I can now say 2 years later that it definitely was.

My (Brief) Story

When I visited Naz in 2015, I was coming in as a transfer student. I spent one semester at Buffalo State College before transferring. My senior year of high school I explored many SUNY (State University of New York) schools and studied their websites. A major component that I noticed all of these schools were missing when I compared them to Naz was the welcoming feel that the community offered from the moment I stepped on the campus. I remember walking through the doors of the Arts Center at Nazareth and thinking to myself “This is going to be uncomfortable. I don’t know anyone here.” But after signing in, I was greeted by multiple students and faculty. The people who make up the Naz community were a crucial factor in my decision of why I chose this school.

Why Visit? 

I bet you’re wondering why I felt it was important to tell you about my
experience. Well, this is because visiting Naz was extremely memorable for me and I think it could be for you too! I know this sounds cheesy but bear with me. I was surrounded by many eager (and anxious) students just like me, who wondered the same questions as me, and who had expectations similar to mine. Visiting Naz gave me the opportunity to feel what a normal day on campus would be like. If I didn’t visit Naz before officially enrolling into the school, I would’ve approached my first day of classes with a lot more anxiety that I would’ve needed to. It was really beneficial to put myself in a setting where I could picture being for the next four years.

Even though I’m from Rochester and I knew minor details about Naz, visiting the school before enrolling helped me see exactly what the atmosphere of the college is like. The visit gave me a better understanding of college life here at Naz and left me excited to become a part of the community!

Interested in Visiting Now?

Visit Nazareth College’s website to learn more about how to register for a tour!