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The Best Places to Study On Campus

The Best Places to Study On Campus

College is a hectic and loud time in life, whether it be because your parents are calling or because someone set off the fire alarm by burning another bag of popcorn. It helps to escape from all the distractions to a place where you can relax and actually get some homework done in peace and quiet. In celebration of midterms and the real start of the semester’s workload, here are some of my favorite places to get away from it all for a hardcore study session!

1. The Garen Peace Garden and Fountain
Not only is this a great place to study, you get the chance to see one of the prettiest views on campus (pictured above)! New landscaping, thanks to Kathy Garen and Nazareth Trustee Frank York, creates perfect places right in front of the fountain, named in honor of Jim and Judy Garen, to sit and do some homework. The only hard part is trying not to fall asleep to the smell of freshly planted grass and sound of the fountain!

2. The Charles Mills Writing Center                                                                                                                 Located in the basement of the library, The Writing Center is a great space to find some peace and quiet to work on a long assignment. An added bonus is that The Writing Center has tutors available throughout the week to help you if needed!

3. The Library (out of the main area)                                                            The desks among the bookshelves in the library are a great place to really isolate yourself from the rest of the college. They’re so isolated, I didn’t even know they were there until well into my second semester at Naz! It’s a designated quiet study area and my favorite place to really dig down and do hours of work at one time. Around midterms and finals in particular, I’ve found myself sitting down around noon and not leaving until way after dark. For those who really want to distance themselves from the outside world, there’s a very similar setup on the second floor of the library.


Nothing is better than taking a Sunday to do all my homework in one of these spots. Nazareth is home to some of the prettiest buildings and landscapes I’ve ever seen on a college campus! In addition to these three, there are plenty more amazing spots to sit and take it all in while getting some work done!