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Fall-ing in Love with Naz

Fall-ing in Love with Naz

Fall is my favorite season. Between watching the leaves change colors, enjoying seasonal coffee flavors as they make the rounds again, and adding more sweaters to my wardrobe, I couldn’t love a season more than I love Autumn! When I started attending Nazareth, I was able to add a few more reasons to my list of why I love fall so much because Naz has so many different events to enjoy during this wonderful season!

Farmers Market – Nazareth hosts an annual Farmer’s Market in the Clocktower Quad and this event is something many students look forward to. There are treats, like honey, from local farms and free samples of delicious fall themed food. A variety of fresh produce is also available for purchase! The food trucks present throughout the event are one of my favorite parts of the Farmers Market. They allow students living on campus to experience a variety of Rochester’s favorite foods!

Family Weekend – Family weekend is the perfect opportunity for Naz students to introduce their family members to the culture of Naz! There are always sporting events, dinners, and off-campus events going on during this weekend, some of which are free to Naz students and their family members.

Fall Festival – Nazareth hosts Homecoming Weekend to welcome back alumni for a fun-filled few days on on campus. The Fall Festival is a Homecoming tradition at Naz! During this event, there are different carnival rides and games set up, as well as multiple food trucks. It is the perfect opportunity for students to take a break from studying, unwind, and enjoy the gorgeous fall environment. The fireworks at night are one of my favorite parts of Fall Fest. I feel as though they are the perfect way to end a memorable event!

Club Meetings – The fall semester is the perfect time for students to get involved on campus! Clubs at Naz are always welcoming to new members and prospective executive board (president, vice president, etc.) members. During the fall semester, many clubs host their first meetings of the semester and attending these meetings is crucial to learning about the clubs and their missions and deciding if you want to join. I am always amazed at the amount of new people I meet while attending club meetings. Some clubs even offer free food and activities during their meetings, which is always appreciated.

Campus Aesthetics – Nazareth has a beautiful campus but it’s charm only enhances during the fall season. The trees that line the walkways turn the most vibrant shades of red and orange and make for a colorful walk to class. One of my favorite outdoor spots on campus has to be the Garen Peace Garden and Fountain outside of Golisano Academic Center! Many students gather around the fountain for class or to study or meet with friends and it’s a great place to watch the falling leaves and enjoy the crisp air!

There are so many great things about being on campus in the fall. If you want to witness the beauty of Naz during the fall for yourself, book a tour! Not convinced yet? Check out Alyssa’s blog on why she decided to visit!