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How We Stay Stress Free at Naz

How We Stay Stress Free at Naz

It’s the middle of the semester and course work is starting to pile up. Sometimes it feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to read all your textbooks, and it’s likely that you have a quiz or exam this week. Multiply this by 5 classes and it’s enough to create stress for most of us students. It’s easy to simply barricade yourself in a room and cram, but it’s likely that you’ll still feel the impending doom of stress after a few hours. Luckily, there are so many opportunities to take a break and have some fun while studying here at Naz! 

Find a new place to study: Studying is never an enjoyable way to spend your time, but switching up where you study can have a huge impact on your willingness to do it! Clocktower Quad (right) is a great place to catch the last of the summer sun for the year and the Fishbowl in the library (pictured above) is comfortable spot to study. It also happens to house a Starbucks so you can get your fix without leaving campus!

Take a walk and enjoy the changing leaves around campus: Naz’s campus is a beautiful sight with all the plants and changing leaves during the fall! Taking a minute to look at the newly restored Garen Peace Garden and Fountain or walking around Smyth Lawn can easily reduce your stress levels and give you a fresh breathe of air.

Grab an ice cream at Pittsford Dairy and walk along the Erie Canal: Ice cream isn’t just a summer treat! Pittsford Dairy is so close to campus and a quick walk for some treats can be a great study break. If you have extra time to spend out and about, the Erie Canal is just steps from Pittsford Dairy and walking there is a great way to burn off even more energy.

Join a new club: Sometimes taking a break and going to a club meeting can be the best way to clear away the stress of the day. There’s always something to do on campus and we have so many interesting clubs, such as Ballroom Club, WNAZ the Beat (the campus radio station), and even Quidditch! Meeting new people and making connections while doing something you find fun is a great study break and stress reliever.

Burn off energy at the gym: Being stressed out over classwork can sometimes make you antsy. Take all your extra energy and put it to use at the gym! There’s plenty of treadmills, weight machines, and ellipticals to go around, as well as group fitness classes! You can check out the intramurals schedule online and pop into a yoga or Zumba class. It’s a great way to reset your brain before getting back to the books.

Hang out in the Nest: Grab some friends and head to the basement of Lourdes residence hall for a round of pool, table tennis, and video games! The Nest is a great place to catch up with others and have fun outside of your dorm room. When you’re done, you can grab a table just outside the Nest and get some work done.

Watch the sunset from the soccer field: Everyday we have the opportunity to take a few minutes and watch the sunset. I always use this time to reflect on the day and get my mind in order before sitting down to finish all my homework. Plus, sunsets have the perfect lighting for artsy campus pictures!