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Why I’m Excited for the Glazer Music Performance Center

Why I’m Excited for the Glazer Music Performance Center

“A community without art is a community without soul.”

When President Daan Braveman inspired the Nazareth community with these words just six months ago, construction crews had just broken ground on the Jane and Lawrence Glazer Music Performance Center. Now, the building is standing tall, and expected to be complete sometime in 2018. There is definitely a buzz around campus as students are talking about the exciting new opportunities for performances and learning that they’ll soon be able to take part in. Even though I’m not a music or performing arts major myself, I’m still incredibly excited for this addition to campus. Here are a few reasons why.

One of my favorite things about Nazareth’s campus is the beautiful architecture and this buildings will be like nothing the school has ever seen before. Even when newer buildings are added, like the renovated Arts Center in 2009, and Peckham Hall 3 years later, everything still feels connected. With the Music Performance Center, there will be a literal connection, as the new structure will be attached to the existing Arts Center. While the buildings serve different purposes, it’s very cool to see so much space dedicated to the arts.

Looking at the Performance Center itself, the outside walls by the lobby will be constructed with glass, allowing for beautiful natural light to peek in. There will also be an outdoor patio area with a garden, as well as ample space for outdoor performances. Hearing music from students and local performers play throughout the college will make an already beautiful campus even livelier.

I try to attend as many events as I can at the Arts Center, and the variety of performances amazes me. From VoicePlay, an acapella quintet that performed on NBC’s “The Sing Off”, to William Close’s Earth Harp Collective, which literally saw the Callahan Theater become a giant stringed instrument, there is no shortage of unique acts coming to Nazareth College and, with the new Music Performance Center, the possibilities are endless.

While maintaining an intimate setting of 550 seats, a large stage helps the new building accommodate large vocal and instrumental groups. The acoustics will be finely tuned to make the music sound fantastic, and fill the venue with sound. Nazareth has already announced partnerships with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Richard Decker, Vice President of Artistic Administration for the RPO, says there is opportunity for partners to help Nazareth develop unique programs and classes “not available at other colleges around the country.” Naz working with with local music groups means this new building will see acts in noteworthy genres including choirs, operas, and chamber bands.

Music has always been an important part of the culture at Nazareth, but it seems to become even more popular as years go on. Music has become one of the most popular majors at the college and there are 14 different areas of study students can choose from, including as music therapy or music business. Even students who choose not to pursue an education in music have opportunities to join clubs, bands or ensembles. However, it’s not just students that enjoy all the opportunities for enjoying music. Last year, over 13,000 people visited Nazareth to enjoy a variety of different music performances.

With the Glazer Music Performance Center, the Nazareth spirit in music will extend off campus with the installation of state of the art live-streaming technology, which will allow those who aren’t able to make it to the new building to see certain performances. Whether the Golden Flyer community is near or far, they will be able to enjoy the quality music Nazareth is known for!

It has been amazing to see the progress made on this new addition to campus in such a short time. Students, friends and family of Nazareth College will soon have access to unending possibilities for learning, and unique experiences enjoying some of the best music in the world. Upon the opening of its doors, the Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center will surely be an environment open to entertainment, creativity, and inspiration for the Nazareth community and beyond.