My Life as a Flyer

Real Life @ Naz

Courtney D.

Hey there! It’s Courtney; I’m a sophomore communications and marketing student here at Naz. Growing up as a military kid, I have developed the constant need to keep moving and exploring. As a result, I find myself off campus at least once a week checking out a new coffeehouse or restaurant. When I’m not exploring Rochester, I’m skating around a track and hitting into people with everything I’ve got; that’s right, this shrimpy little 5’4” blogger of yours plays roller derby with the local league, Roc City Roller Derby. I’ve been playing for about a year and I’m totally obsessed, literally don’t mention it around me unless you’re ready for a complete description of the rules, my position, and why I’m absolutely in love with it.  After two and a half hours of on-skates practice, I like to unwind with an episode of the X Files and a cup of tea in one of my 26 mugs - it’s the one collection I’ve actually stuck with. My indecisive self has no clue where I’ll end up, but for now I’m excited to share all of my Roc adventures with you!