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Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga

This semester has already brought about many “firsts” for me. As someone who finds new experiences exciting, I have enjoyed several changes: a new suite on campus, new classes, a new change in status – now a sophomore! However, when I was asked by one of the Nazareth College Yoga Kula’s yoga teachers, Lynne Boucher, the Director of the Center for Spirituality, to try yoga while on a paddle board at BayCreek…I got a little nervous.

Growing up I didn’t really “excel” in swimming class, actually I really hated it. I just wasn’t good. It definitely was a struggle to stay afloat and move forward at the same time, which I’m sure was foreshadowing my future clumsiness and inability to multi-task. So, you can imagine the apprehensiveness I felt when asked to cruise on over to BayCreek and do some downward dogs on a floating object on moving water. I mean it does sound a little challenging, doesn’t it??

Facing my fears and turning my anxious energy into excitement I took the opportunity. I was invited to enjoy this yoga practice on the water with my fellow Nazareth Yoga Leaders and I knew that it would be a memorable time, even if I did fall in and embarrass myself. Upon arrival I had lost any fears I previously had and was just so glad to be there and truly present. I felt fortunate to be able to spend an evening with wonderful people doing something so new; Stand-Up Paddleboard aka SUP Yoga has only been around for several years. I also felt fortunate because I learned that the water was shallow, and I actually learned how to feel a sense of stability on the foam board beneath my feet.

It was one of the most special moments I have had in a very long time. Seeing the sunset on the bay as I practiced one of my favorite past-times, with the good energy of my yoga family was such a great way to wind down on a busy school day. So, trying new things can really become an adventure that you’ll never forget!

Cheers to a semester of new things!


yoga 3

That’s me!



yoga 2

Downward dogs on the boards.


Hey there! My name is Erin Maloney and I’m a sophomore Art History and Women and Gender Studies double major. On campus, I’m one of the leaders of a spiritual discussion group called ASH, I’m on the Center For Spirituality Council, I’m helping to create a program at Nazareth called the Yoga Empowerment Partnership, and the Rochester Yoga Service Network. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and exploring. If I haven’t mentioned it enough before, I love yoga too! I’m also a green smoothie and Real Food ambassador. I love to paint, and hang out with my puppy (who actually happens to be 7 years old.) I’ve dreamed of working as a curator in a museum since I was 14, and hope to incorporate themes of women and empowerment through my own art career.