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Sunday Special: What To Do Before Starting a New Week

Sunday Special: What To Do Before Starting a New Week

We’re college students. That means we’re insanely busy with homework, club meetings, sports games, classes, and making time for our friends and families. Why not take one day a week to relax and reset before getting back on the grind? Here are some things I recommend devoting Sundays to:

1) Sleep in. Or, if you’re working early in the morning, try to squeeze a nap in somewhere. Sleep is more important than we think; it keeps breakouts at bay, helps digestion, and keeps us energized and happy! I’m not suggesting that you sleep the day away, but if you’re waking up for those classic 8 AM classes during the week, maybe don’t set that alarm.

2) Cook for yourself. Even if you have a meal plan and live in the dorms, utilize those kitchens and make something new. Bake cookies, look up recipes on Pinterest, buy some new ingredients at the Trader Joe’s right down the road, and try your skills!

3) Have a TV marathon. Whether you love Law and Order, Family Guy, Say Yes to the Dress, or all of those shows, they’re always on some channel or another! Sometimes it’s good to just put homework aside momentarily and indulge in something fun. But, if you’re like me, having a show that I love on sometimes helps me do my homework, because I’ve probably seen every episode and the background noise is beneficial.

4) Sweat, but make it a low-impact workout. I love doing yoga on Sundays because it clears my head and still provides some strength training. Try out a new workout class in town (Breathe Yoga is right down the road), look up dance tutorials on YouTube, check out Nazareth’s intramural and recreation options, or take a break from studying every half hour to just get up and move for a few minutes. It’ll get your blood flowing and increase your productivity!


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