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My Favorite Spring Semester Tradition: The Bachelor Auction

My Favorite Spring Semester Tradition: The Bachelor Auction

The Bachelor Auction is by far my favorite tradition of Spring semester here at Naz. The concept is simple: eligible bachelors of Naz from all years volunteer to be auctioned off in exchange for a date to Winter Formal, while all the proceeds go to a great cause: Golisano Children’s Hospital. My favorite part of the Bachelor Auction is by far seeing the variety of the guys who put themselves out there for charity. This event is also one of my favorites because it really brings together our Nazareth Community through good laughs for a great cause. I love the Bachelor Auction so much that I actually bought a bachelor via FaceTime last week because I was at home! Check out my top 4 reasons why the Bachelor auction is one of my favorite events unique to Naz.

  1. It’s for charity. If nothing else, you know that your money is going to a great cause. Also, sometimes if you bid early on in the night, you can snag an amazing date for a low price like I did freshman year.
  2. It’s hilarious. My friends are always really good sports and participate as bachelors. When I heard them walk out to songs like Ignition by R. Kelly and old school Dashboard Confessional, I nearly lost it – not to mention what some of these guys list as their interests.
  3. Free stuff. If there’s anything that I took out of my (almost) 4 years at Naz, it’s that free stuff is everywhere. At this event, there are always cupcakes and candy.
  4. Bidding is fun! As a woman of Nazareth College, it’s always fun for me to take a look at the brave souls who put themselves out there for charity and bid against other people for them. It’s especially fun when you have a numbered paddle and you pretend like you’re at an old school western auction (not that I did that……).

All in all, the Bachelor Auction is a great time. If you don’t get to buy a bachelor, there is always the option to go to formal for dancing, a great dinner and an excuse to get dressed up with friends! I’ve loved attending the past 3 Bachelor Auctions and formals and it’s definitely something to look forward to each year in the spring!

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(Me with my handsome bachelors Dylan, left, and Kenny, right).

We are all about community service in creative ways here at Naz. We also participate in the Al Sigl Halloween Walk-A-Bout, the Walk to END Alzheimer’s, and operate pro-bono physical therapy clinics on campus.


Hi there! I’m Mary Bonomo and I’m a senior Visual Communication Design major here at Naz! My hometown is a small town called Clark Mills, NY located about 10 minutes from Utica. Here at Naz, I’m a student ambassador, a member of the social media team for admissions, and serve as a #1 Naz sports fan! Outside of Naz, I love to run, paint, and explore Rochester with friends!