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Refresh the Mind to Get Back to the Daily Grind

Refresh the Mind to Get Back to the Daily Grind

Let’s be real. Around the middle of the semester, things can get a little hairy. You’ll find yourself focusing on your classes and homework, trying to attend and maybe even organize many events, getting extra help, and eating on the run. The list goes on and on and, by the end of the day, you may realize you are lacking you time. Taking some time to adventure into nature is a perfect way to get that you time (especially before the crazy winter months in Rochester hit)!

Luckily, Naz is placed in a great area that allows students to get off campus and take a quick breather before diving back into college craziness. My favorite thing to do off campus is to drive around and discover state parks! For my first-year retreat, hosted by Center for Spirituality, we went to Letchworth State park. The first-year retreat is a way for first year students to get to know each other through reflection, good food, and hiking. Although it is an hour away from Naz, it’s perfect for a day-trip getaway. The waterfalls and walking trails are perfect for hanging out with friends in the great outdoors. There are many places to explore and picture perfect views for candids via polaroid.

Recently, I visited Mount Morris Dam, which is only 35 miles from Rochester! If you’re a history buff, this is perfect opportunity to learn some of the history of Rochester and the surrounding area. There is a free museum and short film as well as a walking tour of the dam and a lot of wildlife. This was a great place to reflect and free your mind.

If you are more of a water person than land roamer, than Hemlock Lake is for you. This is a great place to go kayaking with a friend! I have spent many hours on this lake, as well as on Conesus and Honeoye Lakes. Hemlock Lake is about 45 minutes away, but if it’s a little too far for you, the canal is also well suited for kayaking! There’s a lot of nature-esque things to do in Rochester and the surrounding area to get your mind de-stressed.


Not the outdoorsy type? No worries! The city of Rochester is famous for it’s coffee shops and has great museums. I just recently discovered Java’s Cafe which has ample seating and tables that are great for having fun out with friends or for bringing your laptop and answering emails. Their hot chocolate is wicked good too! Another fun place in the city is the Strong National Museum of Play. Even though it’s targeted toward kids, it’s a fun place for someone of any age! Popular spots at the Museum of Play include the child sized Wegmans Grocery Store and the Sesame Street exhibit. The famous Sesame Street stoop is a hot picture spot for guests! America at Play and the Dance Lab are two of my favorite exhibits. All of the exhibits are super interactive, which makes it so fun!

I only hit a few places, but there is plenty to do in and around the city of Rochester! The best part about visiting these places is that as soon as you come back to Naz, you feel refreshed and ready to get back into the daily grind.