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#FoodFridays – California Rollin’ II

#FoodFridays – California Rollin’ II

Just about everyone who knows me could tell you what a sushi-fanatic I am. So, I just couldn’t resist sharing my all-time favorite Rochester Sushi joint – California Rollin’ II. The sushi menu is fantastic! With over 125 rolls to choose from, there is something for everyone on the menu. They have vegetable rolls, cooked rolls, raw rolls, and tempura rolls, as well as a few soup, salad, and non-sushi options. I love the unique, American-ized rolls on the menu. Some of the menu items are signature to the area like the “Rochester Roll,” the “Village Gate Roll” and the “South Wedge Roll” that features smoked salmon, cucumber, bacon, and wasabi mayo. They aren’t afraid to get creative with their rolls, and you won’t find their ingredient list anywhere else. Raspberries, cream cheese, pesto, and bacon are just a few of the strange ingredients that are absolutely perfect in their signature sushi rolls. They even have a Chicken Finger Roll (AH-mazing). Some of my other favorites include the Dancing Diablo Roll made with salmon and Dinosaur Barbeque Sauce (unreal, seriously) and the Mistletoe Roll made with salmon, avocado, and honey. But, nothing compares to my all-time favorite roll, the Bam Roll: tempura shrimp, scallions, tomato, hot oil, tuna, and garlic sauce. Unbelievably good. Now I’m hungry.

Being a college student and strapped for cash is no problem for sushi fans, like me, at California Rollin’ II. They’re almost always offering great deals on and have daily specials. Sundays you can pick three rolls of your choice for $13.99, Mondays are half-price appetizers, and Wednesday Night is all you can eat sushi for $22.99.

I also can’t get over how cool the building is. Located in the Village Gate Square in the Neighborhood of The Arts on North Goodman Street, the area is awesome to walk around and explore. You can get there from Nazareth by taking the East Ave bus to East and Goodman. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.